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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Linux on the iPod

Maybe you never imagined that the iPod could be used for anything else than playing music, but be sure that, by having a processor, the iPod can do pretty much anything that a normal computer could do. And if this is possible, there is always the possibility of running Linux in such a device.

This is the reason why iPodLinux was created, to allow notmal iPod owners to have at their disposal a more powerful operating system. Right now, you can install the iPodLinux distribution in most iPod models (up to version 5).

The programs available for iPodLinux allow you to play music, view small notes, and even play games. If you have interest in using iPodLinux, the first step is to visit their web page and download the necessary software. It is certainly a fantastic experience to install such a nice operating system in the little iPod. If you feel you can make a good use of Linux, it can also be a great application for you iPod.


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An iPod-compatible car navigation system

The iPod is now part of the lives of around 40 million people in the world. This makes is more and more important to have accessories and equipment that is compatible with the iPod -- this way, users can really have full control of their music players.

Using the iPod in the car is certainly one of the most important areas of integration. This is what made possible by the new MAX960HD, a navigational system created by Clarion (a Japanese company).

The new navigational system allows users to view DVDs, and normal CDs. The navigational system provides full access to three dimensional views of routes.

More importantly the MAX960HD comes with full support for the iPod. Now, drivers can not only find the right route, but do it with the full comfort of listening to their preferred music on the iPod.

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Wireless iPod may be on the way

According to the China Times Reports, the chinese company Jabra has entered in accord with Apple to develop a new Bluetooth transceiver for the iPod.

This means that Apple will be able to offer within a few months new versions of the iPod that can be adapted to wireless networks. Customers have been waiting for wireless-able iPods for some time now, and if Apple provides this technology it will surely be well-come both by the consumers and the industry in general.

The bluetooth-enable iPod would be able to directly communicate with other iPods, exchange information with home computers, and stream music of a wireless network. The possibilities of connecting with other iPods are also very interesting, and could represent new usage opportunities for users and the industry in general.


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A collection of iPod mockups

Mac and iPod fans are always eager to see what are the news the company has for next versions of their favorite products. One way of avoiding the wait is coming up with their own creations.

An example of what is happening is provided by the Gallery of video iPod mockups. The list of mockups show how people imagine the iPod will be in the (hopefully not so far) future.

In the list of mockups, many types of improvements can be found. The most common one is the video screen that covers the entire front of the iPod, as this is believed to be one of the features of the next version of the video iPod.

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Friday, March 17, 2006

Apple may be retiring the 60GB iPod

Recent comments have surfaced about the retailing policy of Apple for the iPod line. The news is the policy is that the iPod 60GB is being put in an "at-risk list". In practice, this seems to mean that Apple may retire the model in the next 3 months.

Whatever the reason is for the policy, it seems that Apple is geared towards either introducing a new version of this iPod, or/and upgrade the 60GB iPod in terms or hard drive, for example.

It seems to be the first real indication that Apple has something new to show in the iPod line. All other speculation concerning the introduction of an iPod with larger screen is just this: speculation.

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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Get a brushed look in your iPod!

The natural looking iPod has excellent design. But despite this, Apple fans around the world always try to give a personal touch that can make the iPod look even better.

One example is this how-to, that shows how to achieve a brushed metal look for the iPod. It is really nice, and doesn't take too much time to do. Also, the web site insists that this will not void the original Apple warranty. So, try yourself and give a chance to brushed metal!

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iPod case offers beautiful protection

iPod cases are mostly created to provide improved protection against fall or scratches. Being so small, it is easy to let the iPod fall or become damaged.

Some other cases are created only to make the iPod look more stylish, giving it some color instead of the default unblemished white (or black).

The case by Tuffwrap accent, however, fills with competence both function. It is both a sturdy, safe way of protecting the iPod, but is also a very stylish cover, coming in beautiful colors. It will certainly make the iPod to look even better. Moreover, now that everyone has an iPod, you need to find something else to attract attention...


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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Using the iPod charger with the xbox 360 controller

The iPod and xbox 360 have been the hottest products in the market of consumer electronics. What you don't know is that they can live together... At least when it comes to charge the iPod and the xbox 360 controller.

A user has recently described in his blog how to charge the xbox 360 controller with the iPod charger. It is good to learn, just in case you may you need this in the future.


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