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Sunday, November 27, 2005

eBay sales of iPods are going through the roof

It is not a secret that eBay is a good termometer for the coolness of a product. Well, according to tcmnet the sales of iPods on eBay during this season are going through the roof.

According to them, a study was made by an independent company to track the increase or decrease in the number of products being sold on eBay. This study has shown, for example, that the number of auctions of the 2 gigabite iPod nano increased 161% during the last month. Other interesting statistics are displayed, showing what are the most popular among the items in the iPod product line.

Welcome to iPod fan

Who in these days is not an iPod fan? I by myself can tell you that I am one. That is why I decided to create a blog to celebrate this. I will post information and impressions about this nice little gadget that everybody loves.