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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

iPod fan is confused with a terrorist in US flight

iPod fans are very energetic people. However, they use their energies for fun things. This has been misunderstood, however, in the recent case of an iPod fan carrying the device on an US airplane.

The user, which explained his history here, was carrying the device on the restroom when it fell down in the toilet. Somebody else noticed the incident and thought it was some kind of terror plot.

Everything got worse when the iPod user told we was going to meet a friend made on the World of Warcraft....
They took me to a discreet corner. They brought out a tape recorder. I was told to put my hands up on the wall and spread my legs, and I was frisked from head to toe. They removed my wallet, disassembled it completely, and placed each of its contents in its own plastic evidence bag.
"Now Tim, for the sake of the tape recorder, I want you to state your full name and address." I did. "Now, each of us will state our name and position into the tape recorder." There were two detectives from the police department, a detective from Customs, and two members of the bomb squad.
Then started the questions. They were easy at first. They asked me where I lived. What do I do for a living? Why am I unemployed? How come it's taken me 4 months to find a job?
They asked me why I was visiting Canada. I was to visit a friend I met on World of Warcraft, Cara. They took down her name and what I could remember of her address. They asked me how we met.
"In an online game."
"What online game?"
"Umm ... World of Warcraft," I responded meekly.
"What kind of game is this?"
"It's a fantasy game ... it takes place online."

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