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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Linux on the iPod

Maybe you never imagined that the iPod could be used for anything else than playing music, but be sure that, by having a processor, the iPod can do pretty much anything that a normal computer could do. And if this is possible, there is always the possibility of running Linux in such a device.

This is the reason why iPodLinux was created, to allow notmal iPod owners to have at their disposal a more powerful operating system. Right now, you can install the iPodLinux distribution in most iPod models (up to version 5).

The programs available for iPodLinux allow you to play music, view small notes, and even play games. If you have interest in using iPodLinux, the first step is to visit their web page and download the necessary software. It is certainly a fantastic experience to install such a nice operating system in the little iPod. If you feel you can make a good use of Linux, it can also be a great application for you iPod.


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