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Thursday, January 25, 2007

A new docking system for the iPod

Docking systems are one of the most important types of accessories for the iPod. A well designed dock can extend the capabilities of the iPod, and transform it into a stereo system, for example.

A recent model of dock for the iPod is the iLuv I188BK. It provides loudspeakers and a good energy source for your iPod. It comes in different colors, and can be adapted to almost all models of iPods.

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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Creating your own iPod screen design

Imagem2Many screen protections have been designed for the iPod in the last few year, with all kinds of colors and themes. These screen protections allow the iPod to look more personalized and cool. However, most of teh time you need to select from a given set of possible decorations.

A new product, however, is trying to remove such limitations. With the ifrogz Custom Screenz, you can easily create personalized images for the faceplate of the iPod. This gives you the flexibility to find the image that best suits your taste of style.
Certainly, the ifrogz Custom Screenz is a new step in user customization for the iPod. It is nice to be able to show your own style and preferences in your music player without spending too much money. For a price of around $15.00, this looks a very well priced solution that will satisfy a large number of iPod fans.

Step by step guide

This information is taken from the ifrogz Custom Screenz web site.

Step 1

Click Upload Custom Image button to upload your image. Select the image you want to upload from your computer by clicking browse then click upload.

Step 2

Once the image has been uploaded you will be directed to our Screen Creator. The Screen Creator will allow you to manipulate your image by dragging, flipping, and zooming. You can then preview your uploaded image on an iPod™. When finished click the blue arrow.

Step 3

The Screen Creator will close and you will be redirected back to this page. Your images will appear on the right side of this page. Select your iPod™ from the drop down then click add to cart for all the screenz you want to purchase. Repeat this process to order multiple Custom Screenz.

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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

The iPod Buffalo Dock: a new way to listen the iPod

From all accessories available for the iPod, one type is making a nice splash: the category of docks that extend the capability of the player.

Among these new docks, the Buffalo Dock provides a good source of fun. You can put your iPod to charge, and it will play loud and clear. Very good sound quality, and a distinctive format of globe, are the distinctive features of the this iPod accessory. Now in its second version, the Buffalo Dock delivers even better sound quality. Check here some more pictures of the dock.


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Monday, November 20, 2006

The iPod and Zune: what are the advantages

Microsoft has finally released the so long waited new competitor for the iPod: the Zune has been on sale since earlier this month. It also tries to deliver many of the goods that the iPod users are used to for years now: a hard-drive-based mp3 player, with lots of storage space, a nice screen for music info and even movies.

So, what is the best of the two? Although I don't think this question can be completely settled in rational terms (think of all the programming languages wars, or editor wars, or the operating system wars...) we can try to give a few reasons why the iPod will still be leading the pack during the next few years.

  • Better integration with external devices: with millions of devices following the iPod standard, from cars to clothing, you will have a much better chance of playing your music from an iPod than from anything else in the market.
  • Well tested: the iPod has been around for more than five years, it has been stressed to the maximum by millions of people. The Zune might be pretty good, but few people really know if it works well.
  • Integration with iTunes: one of the main reasons why the iPod is such a satisfying product is the great software running on the desktops. The iTunes is without question one of the best music players and organizers that has ever been written. Microsoft, on the other hand, has the tradition of designing clumsy, unreliable software. If you are looking for something really easy to use, you will probably keep with the iPod-iTunes combination.
Of course, things can change over time. It is completely possible that Microsoft will bridge the gap over the next years. However, even then some people will still prefer the simple quality of the products delivered by Apple. In other words, as with the Mac, the iPod will probably always getter a large number of followers.

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Saturday, September 30, 2006

Walmart and Apple: a partnership through iTunes?

Apple has tried to get as much hollywood movies for the iTunes store as possible, but up to know only Disney, a company that is in some way controlled by Steve Jobs, has signed the deal. Many people say that the probably culprit for such situation is the big retailer, Walmart.

According to analysts, DVD sales are a good source of income for the retailing giant, which they don't want to give up so easily.

So, it is nice to hear news that Walmart and Apple might be close to a deal on video distribution. The deal might involve the exchange of profits from the operation. Anyway, this is a good sign for iTunes and iPod users, because it might mean that more variety is on the way for the millions of iPod fans.


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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

iPod fan is confused with a terrorist in US flight

iPod fans are very energetic people. However, they use their energies for fun things. This has been misunderstood, however, in the recent case of an iPod fan carrying the device on an US airplane.

The user, which explained his history here, was carrying the device on the restroom when it fell down in the toilet. Somebody else noticed the incident and thought it was some kind of terror plot.

Everything got worse when the iPod user told we was going to meet a friend made on the World of Warcraft....
They took me to a discreet corner. They brought out a tape recorder. I was told to put my hands up on the wall and spread my legs, and I was frisked from head to toe. They removed my wallet, disassembled it completely, and placed each of its contents in its own plastic evidence bag.
"Now Tim, for the sake of the tape recorder, I want you to state your full name and address." I did. "Now, each of us will state our name and position into the tape recorder." There were two detectives from the police department, a detective from Customs, and two members of the bomb squad.
Then started the questions. They were easy at first. They asked me where I lived. What do I do for a living? Why am I unemployed? How come it's taken me 4 months to find a job?
They asked me why I was visiting Canada. I was to visit a friend I met on World of Warcraft, Cara. They took down her name and what I could remember of her address. They asked me how we met.
"In an online game."
"What online game?"
"Umm ... World of Warcraft," I responded meekly.
"What kind of game is this?"
"It's a fantasy game ... it takes place online."

Link via the Inquirer

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Friday, July 14, 2006

Restoring the screen of your iPod with iDrops

Have you ever regretted scratching the screen of your brand new iPod? Most people have this feeling initially, but after a few months of use the iPod screen is completely full of scratches. It seems like a natural process that you cannot control, unless you use some type of protective case. But then, in some way, you loose the coolness of using your small iPod for everybody see..

Now you have an option. Instead of simply trying to avoid scratches you can remove then with iDrops. This new product sold by the PodShop woks by blending with the surface of the screen. The liquid is spread over the scratches, and after a few minutes the surface is restored to an almost original state.

Very smart product, I think it will definitely be useful for many iPod fans.


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