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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

iPod Hi-Fi, the new sound system from Apple

Today was a good day for iPod fans: after a couple of months without major iPod product announcements, Steve Jobs finally released something new from Apple. The new product, the iPod Hi-Fi, is a new stereo system with seamless integration with all new models of the iPod. It will certainly be a great consumer electronic for people that are trying to replace their old sound system by an all-iPod alternative.

Read the coverage by Apple in the news:
The iPod is a great success with around 40 millions users in the US only. Given the huge number of people owning iPods, it is not difficult to see the huge demand for sound systems compatible with the iPod. Other companies are delivering everyday new products trying to fill this gap.

Apple is now trying to take part of this market that they own created. During the especial announcement of this Tuesday, Steve Jobs presented the new iPod Hi-Fi: a stereo system created specially for the iPod. From the Apple store here are some of the feature os the iPod Hi-Fi:

  • World-class acoustic design
  • Large soundstage
  • Precise imaging and separation
  • Wide frequency range
  • Room-filling power without distortion
  • Seamless iPod integration
  • Apple Remote
  • AC and DC modes
  • Analog/digital input
  • Compact footprint

If you need a world-class music system, from the same creators of the iPod, there is probably no other way to achieve the same results in terms of sound quality and integration with iPod technologies.

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