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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Reading files in your iPod

The iPod is a great music player, and more recently, a video player. What many people don't realized yet, is that the iPod can do much more than play music, since it has a general purpose processor. Clearly, the biggest problem of the iPod as a computational device is the lack of a keyboard, but there are many things that you can do without a keyboard.

One of these things is reading! You can use the screen of your iPod to read text, the same way you use it to see video. Thinking about this possibility, you can get tools to automate the process of putting text inside your iPod.

To be able to read text in your iPod, you need a software such as the iPod eBook creator. This program, created by Daniel Duris, is in fact a set of scripts that when used together can translate text into the format that can be read as a set of notes in the iPod.

What is so nice about this page is that you can actually send your file using the web browser, and it will be automatically converted for you. Certainly this is a much needed resource, which will allow you to use the iPod for much more than listening to music!


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