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Sunday, January 22, 2006

Improved ear phones for the iPod

The ear phones that came with the iPod are of good quality, but are certainly not at the same level of more expensive models. One that has been recently announced for iPod users is the "E500 Sound IsolatingTM Earphones". These ear phones have a special format and technology that allows them to isolate the user from most of the outside noise. Some of the features of the earphone are described in the company's website:
Unparalleled Acoustic Accuracy: The E500 is the first in Shure's earphone line to utilize 3 miniature precision-engineered drivers -- one tweeter and two woofers -- to offer the most accurate audio reproduction for the ultimate in precision highs and the richest lows.
Sound Isolating Design/Personalized Fit and Comfort: Proven more effective than noise-cancellation, Shure's sound isolating earphones block 30-37dB of outside noise with a good seal. Leveraging soft, flexible sleeves that contour to the inside of the ear for the best possible fit and maximum comfort during wear, the E500 blocks outside noise to prevent it from interfering with the audio experience.
Low-Profile Industrial Design: This is miniature technology at its best with sleek styling, bronze metallic casing, and a unique over-the-ear design to keep cables out of the way.
Premium Accessories Kit: With 8 pair of sleeve options for a personalized fit, the E500 also offers modular cables for portable and home stereo listening.

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