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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

A new firmware for the iPod

Some people like to tweak the iPod to perform exactly what they want. Although Apple makes it a little difficult to change the software of the iPod, several people have managed to change it successfully. For a good example, remember that the guys of ipodlinux have created a custom version of Linux that runs of the iPod.

A new effort in this direction is shown by the website (in German). These guys created a new firmware software for the iPod which seems to have some advantages of ipodlinux.

The firmware, called rockbox, has much better play black control than the equivalent ipodlinux software. Moreover, it targets configurability and performance.

Although it seems difficult to improve over the original Apple design, there is always some aspect of a piece of software that can be made better. This is the overal goal of rockbox. Judging for the current version of rockbox, it seems to be making a good start to achieve this objective.

Link via blogblogblog.


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