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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

A water resistant iPod case

The iPod is so nice you want to take it everywhere. But, sadly, there are some limits of where the iPod can go, especially if it involves water. At least until now.

The iPod was not created to be water resistant, but it can be turned so using one of the nice iPod cases that have been recently released in the US by a company called Otterbox.

The water-proof cases crated by Otterbox allow iPod fans to carry their favorite widget around, even in raining conditions, or even under water.

According to a recent article on
Otterbox's line of waterproof iPod shells are the aquatic equivalent of Kevlar flack-jackets in the protection they provide. The cases are available for the Shuffle, Nano, Mini, 20GB-3G, Photo, and Video, which is pretty much the full line of conceivably functional iPods today. Each case is composed of two clamshell-like halves of semi-translucent impact-resistant plastic. The two halves clamp together and seal with O-ring moisture protection. A totally clear section allows the screen to be read, and a textured plastic portion that resides over the Click-Wheel can transmit the electrostatic connection between finger and touch-pad while still remaining pliable enough to allow for depression to click the wheel.

It looks like a very nice addition to the already large number of iPod accessories. However, if you need water protection for your player, this is just what you need.

Link via IGN

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