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Monday, July 10, 2006

The iPod could be a speaking machine...

More interesting analysis and cheap-talking about Apple and the iPod. According to this analyst, the new iPod would probably innovate in being the first to use voice as a communication between user and the device.

The reasoning goes on as:
Instead of a touch screen, what about voice feedback? My experience with the iPod shuffle has led me to think that simple auditory feedback would really be all that product needed to be really fantastic, and if that's true for the iPod shuffle, why not for the iPod as well? It's a beautiful color screen, but it's not something you want to look at while driving, or jogging. Instead, you could scroll through menu items and have each menu item read to you in your earbud, including Artists, Album Titles, and Song Titles. There's even a patent which lends support to this idea, though it's an old one.

It seems far fetched, but who knows what Mr. Jobs has hidden as the next trick?

Link via blogcritics.


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