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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

New uses for the iPod: storing DVD content

Everyone is excited with the new potential of iPods to play the video of your choice. However, despite the great content that is now available through the iTunes store, you may just want to see some of your videos in the DVD format.

Now, you can see all your collection of DVDs using your iPod. A recently launched product allows to copy DVDs directly to an iPod video. The application, called Xcopy has several options of video quality, so you can quickly select the total size used by the DVD on your player's hard drive. And the software looks pretty inexpensive, selling for just aroud 20 bucks.

I think this is a great addition to the list of tools for iPod users. We may enjoy the content available on iTunes, but there is nothing like being able to see the old (and new) movies that we *already bought*.

Moreover, think of the use of such an application as a timer saver when renting a video on a local store. Now, you have the possibility of just loading a DVD to the iPod, returning it to the rental store, a see it when we have more time available.


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