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Monday, December 12, 2005

Apple: we like the iPod mini!

The recent success of iPods brings a new fascinating story: a product that has been discontinued while on the top of its popularity. When introducing the iPod nano a few months ago, Apple stopped producing iPod minis. What they didn't expect is that although technologically "behind", the iPod minis still have a strong following.

In fact, as reported by cnet, the price of iPod minis is increasing on stores such as Compu-america and even on eBay. Amazon is also selling a lot of iPod minis latelly. All this has made the price of the iPod mini to increase considerably. Some of the recent eBay auctions have sold minis for "$76 over the original $199 price tag." (cnet)

Some of the reasons for this are easy to list

  • First the shortage of iPod; this certainly makes the price of all models to increase.
  • Second, the fact that there is now a limited number of iPod minis on sale, since production has stopped.
  • Third, the iPod mini is the only model that is colored, which appeals to a large number of customers (mainly women :-))

All this signals that the iPod mini could have a comeback. Maybe Apple will listen to its customers and realize that there is still space for a player that has features similar to the iPod mini.


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