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Friday, December 30, 2005

The new iPod and hollywood: friends or enemies?

The future of iPod looks bright, but the future of movie theaters doesn't look so...

The appearence of the iPod is changing the music experience of a whole generation in just a few years: nowadays we are much less willing to buy a record CD as before, since the iPod and iTunes allow the rapid consumption of isolated tracks of music.

A similar trend may be going on with the movie industrie. Now that the iPod has video capabilities, it seems that movies will also be transformed in some way by the use of this new medium. For example, this article discusses how the use of the iPod may discourage people even more of going to movie theaters. Since the experience of watching video is every day easier with the new iPod technologies, there may be a time where no one will want to pay an expensive ticket and spend time to go the a movie theater.

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