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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Chinese company to launch an iPod nano look-alike

The realm of copycats for the iPod nano is growing, this time with a company from China. The company, called MoonBow, plans to release a player very similar to the iPod nano in the comming months, according to I4U.

The design has the same dimensions of the iPod nano, and a 1.5" screen. It comes with an integrated FM receiver. The player will apparently be released with different versions of up to 1GB of memory.

Although it seems an interesting offer for the chinese market, the player will have much difficulty to compete with the original iPod, since the prices set by Apple are very low for the huge amount of flash memory in these devices. Moreover, the quality and integration of such a product is still unknown.


Blogger Wingz said...

this modem had been in malaysia for a couple of months already O blogged bout it too at look for ipod nano rip-off

1:02 PM  

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