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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Exchanging your CDs for iPods

After such a long time using the iPod, it is probable that we don't have so much use for the old CDs in our collection. In fact, it has been years since I don't by a new CD. Well, if this is your case too, you can get a new iPod in exchange for your CDs.

Don't think this is possible? So check There you can exchange your CDs. The conversion table is something like this:
500MB Shuffle for 45 CDs
2 GB nano for 85 CDs
60BG Photo for 175 CDs.

Well, you need a lot of CDs to get an iPod... Moreover, they need to be in good condition to be exchanged. However, if you relly want an iPod and if you have more CDs than you need, you should try this.

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Blogger Heartless_ said...

Great deal considering you could just download the music to your PC and then transfer to your iPod :P

10:49 PM  

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