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Sunday, January 15, 2006

Reseting the iPod

The iPod is a very reliable Gadget, and work most of the time without any problems. There are, however, occasions when the iPod can simple freeze. This may happen due to some problem with the content (music), or due to a programming error.

If this ever happens, first make sure that the iPod hold button is not on. What may look like a frozen iPod may be no more than the device locked into an unusual position.

To restart you just need to do the following: Turn the hold switch on and off. Then, press at the same time the menu and select buttons. Keep then pressed, in a few seconds the Apple symbol will appear, indicating that the iPod was restarted.

If you have an older iPod, you can have similar results by pressing the play/pause menu for a few seconds.

For more detailed instructions, check this page.

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